About the Zine Gang Distro

Mel and Thomas (AKA Demonstrips) run the zine distro from Melbourne, Australia, fully embracing the DIY culture. We love making zines and bringing them together in one place, along with some zines from other talented artists, writers, and zine makers.

A selection of the Zine Gang Distro's zines on display at Tree Paper Comics, at the Docklands.
Early days of the Zine Gang Distro’s range on display at Tree Paper Comics, at the Docklands.

The zines and comics in our distro are varied, with most focusing on art and sketches – some a bit weirder than others. Some zines explore feminism and gender themes, or queer/LGBTI influences. 

There are a few music and pop culture fanzines, as well as comic/sketch style zines parodying the creators’ social upbringings, others about social and gender critiques, or just plain nonsense! 

What is a zine?

A zine, or fanzine is a self-published booklet of original texts and images, in smallcirculation. It’s essentially a mini magazine – that’s why it’s pronounced like the last part of the word ‘magazine’. Zines are usually reproduced by photocopier.

The Notorious B.l.o.n.d.e portrait zine by Emily N3ver, a member of the Zine Gang Distro.

How Zine Gang Distro began

Founding members Thomas Ballantine (DemonStrips) and Mel Buttigieg started the Zine Gang in April 2018 with our mate Matt Power (Full Disclosure) as a way to get our zines out to the world. 

We’ve gradually been extending our distribution with more creators coming on board, allowing them a platform to market their zines along with our own, while also growing the Zine Gang Distro audience all over the world.

Currently, our gang includes: DemonStrips, Mel Buttigieg, Full Disclosure – with Drawing by Alfred, FrankenComics, Samuel Emery, Aila Stefansdotter-Franck, Emily N3ver, Lazy Willy, V3R1TY, Mat Adams Comics, and Timothy Train.

How to find the Zine Gang Distro

All of our super cool zines are available for purchase on our Etsy store by clicking here.

You can also connect with us on Instagram @ZineGangDistro or on Facebook.

If you make zines and want to get involved, send an email to zinegangdistro@outlook.com and introduce yourself.

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