Sick, Sad and Beautiful: Collab of conspiracies and creepy content

Founders of Zine Gang Distro Thomas Ballantne (AKA Demonstrips) and Mel Buttigieg had been talking of making a collab zine together pretty much since we started the distro in early 2018, but we weren’t sure how to tie our interests and strengths together.

Demonstrips is an artist, with a love for sci-fi and interest in conspiracy theories, while Mel is a professional news journalist and editor, inspired by anarchy, heavy metal, and goth culture.

We wanted to make a zine that was a mixed bag of the weird and wonderful, the creepy and the cooky – and what better way to showcase that than a Sick, Sad and Beautiful collection of conspiracies, cults, crimes, and oddities. This first edition, a 24-page A5 zine, is the result.

The creepy true crime: The Mark Kilroy murder.

The zine was made just in time for Halloween 2019 and the annual Sticky Institute zine showcase event Hallozeen. Big thanks to the event organisers for giving us a deadline to work towards, or this may never have seen the light of day!

We’re planning an all Australian edition to be released for Australia Day 2020, just in time for Festival of the Photocopier. Stay tuned.

Sick, Sad zine submissions welcome

If you have a conspiracy story, macabre moment, or goth-inspired tale of your own to tell, we’d love to hear from you.

Send us your submissions for consideration in a forthcoming edition of Sick, Sad and Beautiful. If we include it we’ll send you a free copy of the zine and add your name to the article. Get in touch at and include Sick Sad Beautiful in the subject field.

Mel reviews the Ozzy Osbourne biography, and takes a retrospective look at Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar.

How to find us

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If you make zines and want to get involved, send us a DM or email: 

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