Sharing the rainbow zine love during Pride Month

As a LGBT+ ally, The Zine Gang Distro couldn’t let Pride Month pass without giving a huge rainbow shout to our super talented queer-identifying artists and zine makers.

Zines and comics are an awesome creative outlet of expression allowing everyone to fly their own flag and tell their personal stories – whatever gender or sexual orientation – without being marginalised.

Zines are a safe place for everyone to share their personalities and be proud of who they are. That’s why we love them!

Emily N3ver is showing her bisexual pride with a series of portraits on her @emily_n3ver Instagram page to celebrate some iconic bi people.

So far she’s featured Megan Fox, Andy Dick, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, and Alan Cumming, to name just a few.

Check out Emily’s Insta for more bisexual pride (this month and always). Many of her zines are also portrait-focused, like Notorious B.L.O.N.D.E and Women In Horror, which celebrate women and feminist pop culture icons.

Notorious B.L.O.N.D.E by Emily N3ver celebrates iconic blonde women in pop culture

Frank Candiloro is another amazingly talented Zine Gang Distro artist and comic creator.

Identifying as non-binary, Frank’s comics certainly reflect the internal and external struggles of gender and identity enbies might face as they navigate their identities. Frank has produced numerous comics exploring stereotypes in gender roles and sexual identity.

Medicine Cabinet by Frank Candiloro explores gender identity as a non-binary person

Traditionally, comic books celebrate the hero in any given narrative, but Frank is certainly unafraid to represent the underdog in their comics, often with the neat twist of the protagonist becoming the unlikely hero of the story in their own right.

These characters usually take on non-gendered names, for example Jamie in Slasher and Raecl in Black Cat, which is a fitting nod to Frank’s non-binary identity.

Worse Things by Frank Candiloro is a Grease parody with a gay twist

Also part of the Zine Gang is Melbourne-based Taiwanese “wiener-drawer”, Lazy Willy.

Meng Lee draws incredibly detailed, super weird and non-PC art, which he also adapts to stick-and-poke tattoos, as well as zines.

Thanks to all our friends and supporters from all colours of the queer rainbow, for making the Zine Gang Distro such an inclusive and creative space. We love you all ❤

Zines by Emily N3ver and Frank Candiloro (and other talented zine makers) are available now from the Zine Gang Distro Etsy store.

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