Some Zine Gang Distro love from Sea Green Zines

Cheers to zine enthusiast Nyx, at Sea Green Zines in South Australia, for giving a shout out to a bunch of our Zine Gang Distro mates in this week’s Happy Mail Monday YouTube vlog.

In the video, Nyx had some nice things to say about comic creator Frank Candiloro, and zine makers Emily N3ver and Mel Buttigieg.

Hello, it us! Picture: Sea Green Zines
Nyx digs the Zine Gang Distro DIY zine paper bags. Picture: Sea Green Zines

FrankenComics AKA Frank Candiloro

Nyx said she ordered a bunch of Frank’s “amazing comics” after meeting them at the recent Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne, but didn’t get the chance to get back to their table.

Budd + Luu by FrankenComics. Picture: Sea Green Zines

“How cool is this?… Everything looks really amazing,” Nyx said of Frank’s Budd + Luu comic.

“I didn’t remember seeing a comic on Frank’s site that I didn’t want to get.”

Mel Buttigieg

Nyx appeared to enjoy the idea of Wog Mum and Wog Mum 2, a zine about Mel Buttigieg’s Maltese Mum, inspired by her moving back home with her Wog Mum for a year.

Mel Buttigieg’s Wog Mum 2 got a few laughs. Picture: Sea Green Zines

“Oh my goodness me!… Talk about love at first cover site!” Nyx exclaimed.

“I’m already loving this!”

Emily N3Ver

Nyx was also excited to check out Emily N3ver’s Notorious B.L.O.N.D.E.

“I believe this zine is about blonde celebrities who are so often viewed as just sexual objects. And this zine takes a closer look at these blondes and talks about what else they have done. They are more than just a visual,” she explained.

Notorious B.L.O.N.D.E by Emily Never. Picture: Sea Green Zines

“There are portraits of many blondes Dolly Parton, Paris Hilton, Mae West, Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith…” Nyx said.

“It talks of the fetishisation of these blonde women in the media. I thought it sounded really interesting and looked really cool with the foil on the title.”

Scroll across the Insta pics in the below post for a snapshot of the zines featured.

Watch the Happy Mail Monday video

Watch the Sea Green Zines Happy Mail Monday video below (timestamps indicate where our zinesters are mentioned).

  • 6:42 – Franken Comics
  • 15:39 – Mel Buttigieg
  • 19:07 – Emily N3ver

Check out the zines from these artists and others from the Zine Gang Distro Etsy store.

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  1. Hi! Oh, gosh, I get so wrapped up in my own little headspace when I’m opening mail that I don’t really think about what I’m saying. Haha. It’s always a pleasure to check out the awesome zines and comics from Zine Gang Distro. 🙂 Thank you for the shout out.


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